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I’m passionate about helping people afford what brings them joy.

Since 2003 I’ve advised people on the right financial decisions to achieve their goals, working as a Certified Financial Planner professional. For example, clients I’ve advised have achieved goals such as being mortgage-free by age 40 and having both parents able to work part-time while their children are young.

The critical first step to affording your life goals is mastering your spending and saving – ‘budgeting’.

However, the challenge for most of us is that we were never taught how to manage our money, yet marketers are adept at leading us into temptation, and credit is easy to come by. Before we know it we can get into stressful levels of debt.

Now I exclusively offer money coaching to teach people a system to automate their budgeting and support them while they embed new, healthier habits.

In a way, I’m like a personal trainer for your financial fitness.

Money coaching may be right for you if:

  • You want to get out of debt faster, especially from credit cards, personal and car loans
  • You’ve had a significant change in your income and want support to adjust (up or down)
  • You’ve tried budgeting methods from books but not yet stuck to them (or it’s not working for you)
  • You’ve never been taught about money and want 1-on-1 support to learn

In my ‘Budgeting Bootcamp’ we collaborate to save you more in loan interest than you pay for coaching, and to get you on track to afford a life goal you’re worried about missing.

If you want to eliminate debt and save more you can find out more about my ‘Budgeting Bootcamp’ by e-mailing

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Matt Hern
Certified Financial Planner