Should you prepay private health insurance?

Is your income above $84,000 as a single, or combined income above $168,000 as a couple? Do you also have private health insurance? Then you should consider this opportunity before 30th June. Effective 1st July this year (2012) the Federal Government is reducing the private health insurance rebate for singles earning above $84,000 and for … Continue reading Should you prepay private health insurance?

Pet insurance

Do you love your pets so much they are considered family members? How far would you go if your pet got sick? Fellow financial educator Scott Pape, The Barefoot Investor, loves his dog Buffett. Recently Buffett was bitten by a tiger snake and required urgent medical treatment costing $5,000.┬áRead Scott's story here. In the article … Continue reading Pet insurance

Flood insurance

The flooding in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria has highlighted to many the devastating consequences of natural disaster. For many the likelihood may be low but when the consequence is so high it is worth considering the plans you have in place to protect your family's lifestyle and dreams if misfortune strikes. Insurance can … Continue reading Flood insurance