Raise kids to be entrepreneurs

The wealthiest people in the world are entrepreneurs – not passive investors in residential property (the backyard BBQ favourite.)

In my experience of working with people many want to start their own business. But their traditional education and employee experience often has not given them the toolkit to succeed.

In the video below Cameron Herold argues that we need to be teaching kids how to be entrepreneurs. Herold has been an entrepreneur since childhood and for the past 20 years has been coaching other entrepreneurs.

The presentation was recorded at TEDxEdmonton in March 2010. TED is an organisation devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading” and includes many wonderful presentations of ideas that inspire you to learn more and take action.

In his presentation to TEDxEdmonton Herold shares some of the lessons he learned from his childhood jobs and business ventures that are important entrepreneurial skills. He also summarises some key entrepreneurial traits to teach our kids. Both will spark ideas in you that you can being to implement at home with your children of any age.

One idea that may challenge you is Herold’s attitude to paying children an allowance, or pocket money as we say in Australia. Watch below and find out his suggested alternative.