Media “experts” finally held to account

Even if nothing happened in the financial markets that day there would still be a 60 page edition of The Australian Financial Review published the next day.” That was the view shared by one of my first lecturers in financial planning back in 2000. (I wish I could remember which lecturer so I could give him credit.)

Time proved that to be correct and over the past nine years I have progressively read less and less of the mass media and more specialist publications. Most of what is published in the mass media makes me quesy or irate – often both simultaneously. Too frequently I feel that mass media financial articles confuse the issue and are too superficial by not considering the real, valid depth.

I could rant on this topic for a long time, but I won’t. Have some fun instead and watch this enlightening video by Jon Stewart of The Daily Showin the USA. Stewart takes the so called experts of CNBC, the business show, to task over their forecasts and soft approach on CEOs.

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