Stimulate a Financial Planner

As the first of the Government’s fiscal stimulus hand outs are distributed, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is urging Australians to be patriotic and stimulate the economy by spending it. Retailers would love you to spend it in their shops before Christmas, but economists agree that it doesn’t really matter what you spend it on, as long as you do not hoard it.

Here’s a novel alternative: stimulate a financial planner.

If you’re doing it tough in the area of managing your bills then spend some of your hand out being coached on managing cash flow.

If it’s a mountain of debt that’s casting a shadow then pay for advice on the most effective way to get out of owe and into dough. A little bit of money invested in learning to do it well is better than just continuing to do it poorly.

Learning new, improved behaviours is a gift that keeps on giving. You deserve it!