Maintain the fun and cut your costs

Sometimes once we get a clearer picture of our current position, in particular our cashflow, we can get a bit of a shock and wonder how we can reign in our spending. If so, you may be interested in a wonderful resource that a client told me about.

I was complimenting Kylie on her wonderful ability to have lots of fun and control her spending within what she had defined as their budget. She then revealed one of her “secrets” – a website called Simple Savings.

Budgeting doesn’t have to equate to sacrifice, even though that is what your money mindset may lead you to believe. Often there are ways to keep your current lifestyle but shave dollars off the cost by just being in the know.

Simple Savings has a terrific free newsletter that highlights at least one tip per week.

If you want to search the archive of tips Simple Savings also has a members vault jam packed with great insights from other members about how they have become smarter consumers. I have been impressed by the ideas and I’m sure you will be too. (There is a $47 joining fee for the members vault.)

Do you know of any other resources?

Do you use other resources to help you become a master of your money? Maybe other sites with tips for smart spending? If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below as I’d love to share them.

2 thoughts on “Maintain the fun and cut your costs

  1. Hi Matt,

    I found your website through Gihan Parera’s last email.

    I own a money saving tips website called Savings Mart which I launched a year ago.

    I noticed you did a write up for Simple Savings and wondered if you could do the same for me. Also, would you be interested in sharing some tips for my website. I have many professionals that contribute freely to promote their business and you can find their latest tips at

    Free Newsletters are available fortnightly for 3 months. The latest one can be found at

    To become a member is a bargain price of only $19.95.

    As you will see, my website is completely different to Simple Savings.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Kind Regards,
    Jennifer Steenland – Savings Mart

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