Cheap laptops equal smart salary-packaging

“A phenomenon in recent years has been the way the price of electronic goods just seems to be getting lower. This is attributable to a combination of ceaseless technological advances; Asia’s cheap manufacturing costs; and the strong Australian dollar.

Just blink and the prices of laptop computers, digital cameras, DVD recorders and flat-screen TVs seem to drop another hundred dollars or so.

But there is another factor that is pushing the cost of some electronics way down: the increasing use of smart salary-packaging techniques by employees from senior executives down through the employee hierarchy.

Employees these days would need rocks in their head – or an employer with an extremely inflexible remuneration policy – not to buy their next laptop computer through their salary packages. The tax savings are breathtaking.”

Wow, this issue of “Smart Investing” by Robin Bowerman of Vanguard Investments (Australia) has several good articles. The above is an excerpt from a good article on salary packaging a laptop computer. Read the full article here.

If you need a new computer then perhaps it is worth asking your employer about their salary sacrifice options. For the way most people use their home computers a modern laptop has plenty of computing power and is compact. “Be a Smart Spender” is one of the behaviours of Money Masters that I talk about in my seminars.