The key ingredient to wealth

Imagine for a minute that you’re on a ship sailing the seas; perhaps a cruise along the Alaskan coastline. The ship hits an iceberg, starts taking on water and the Captain announces “abandon ship – everyone to the life boats”. Traditionally, who are the first to be saved?

The women and children.

But why the children? They probably have very little knowledge and skills, will panic and once they get on the life boat will make life hell for all the other survivors by whinging the whole time. (Yes, I am a parent.)

So, why save the children?

Because they are the future. The embodiment of massive potential.

You were once a new born baby with massive potential for future greatness. Ask your parents what they were thinking when they first held you in their arms.

What Happens?

Why don’t so many people achieve their stated dreams?

According to the great achievers the key ingredient to wealth is our minds. And conversely the greatest obstacle to wealth is ourselves.

What happens is…life happens, and the choices we make in interpreting each life event. The choices create positive and negative beliefs about success, achievement, wealth, and what it means to be “rich”. The negative beliefs become blockages to achieving the level of financial success we desire.

Just walk into any good book store and there is ample information about how to get rich. You can easily discover what to do and how to do it. So why aren’t more people really wealthy?

…well the excuses are endless. But they all boil down to the same thing – they made choices away from wealth rather than towards it. And most of our choices have a large emotional undercurrent.

To get wealthy the most important thing to master is your own mind and your own emotions.

An Example

Conceptually most of us understand that we can achieve higher investment returns and greater wealth by investing in more growth oriented investments, compared with investing in income oriented investments. So if you want to get richer you would invest maximum amounts in growth investments.

However research shows that most people cannot emotionally handle the short-term volatility of growth oriented investments. They are more comfortable having at least 30% of their long-term investments in defensive assets.

In other words, most people are allowing their short-term emotions to compromise their long-term wealth creation potential.

Does that sound like it could be you?

You can still achieve what you want

Do you still feel that you have the potential to achieve greatness? To achieve whatever you dream. To be as wealthy as you desire and to use that wealth to live the life you desire. Do you still believe it?

I believe you do have massive potential, no matter what age you now are.

As well as learning about the details of investment strategies and products, invest in learning about yourself. That will have the greatest return-on-investment. And you will reap the rewards in many diverse ways, including wealth.

P.S. Thanks to Colin James for sharing the sinking ship story.